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office today it's not the charges its the list could be more embarrassing for an ex congressman his former aldermen
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wife and one of chicago's once most prominent and influential political families, we knew this day was coming but a deal with prosecutors had been made. what i don't think anybody expected was the enormity ignore some of the bizarreness. the infamous $43,000 gold plated men's rolex but how about the $9,500 worth of children's furniture? or much worse... it looks like the server disliked that story there's a lot more on that list truly interesting items it steven from jesse jackson jr. today accepting full responsibility for what he calls the improper decisions and mistakes i have made a very similar statement from sandy jackson of by her lawyer who told me over the phone this afternoon: others of course
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calling it an immense blow or we should say another amends blow to the public's faith in their politicians particularly here in the state of illinois. cindy jackson charged with understating six years of the families taxes in what is considered by federal prosecutors to be a fairly complex conspiracy because it involves three-quarters of a million dollars' worth of campaign cash our observers say that concealing it is not a simple task some say that the feds taking a bit of a light touch with the former congressman jesse jackson jr. in announcing this deal others say that not so he faces up to five years behind bars for urban
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apologies today to friends and family members. sorry about the technical difficulty, joining me now is federal prosecutor with solutions. let's talk about the sentencing, to do think jesse jr. will get? he is looking at a four-five-year range so it's up to the judge given the fact that it was information with the way to get into court other than indictment they appear to be cooperating to the point of coming to a plea agreement i think you have to say that he's looking at approximately four years. it's something that the judge could consider and put forth before the judge the timing of that was certainly strange given the fact that it was around the same month that
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it became public as far as the investigation but it's certainly something that the judge could consider. the wife is a public official or was. and you have young children involved also. it's extremely hard in its different information and a separate charges but it's basically the same conduct with children it's odd and unusual for a judge to send them both to jail however she is not charged with selling her office there still is i think a higher burden if you will end more expectations for an elected official it wouldn't surprise me if she did maybe a few months and the sentencing was staggered so that it wouldn't go into prison and the same time. with children it makes it even more tragic. the humble statements coming out right now. does that
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help? >> not really. the fact that they are now sorry for what they did is highly unusual. the stock that was allegedly bought there are a lot of things here that are not necessities you have memorabilia from rock stars and movie stars and you have fedoras and offersfurs. the prosecutors clearly wanted the public to understand that these are not even close calls this was memorabilia this was children's furniture, things that he was clearly using for his and his wife's benefit at the expense of people that contributed to him to win reelection or perhaps put forth certain policies in the district that frankly needed some help. speaking in chicago this
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afternoon president barack obama addressing the gun violence plaguing the city as he mentioned the murder of 15 year- old pendleton killed just weeks ago it was just days after attending the president's second inauguration. the fact that unfortunately what happened to pendleton is not unique, not unit to chicago or to this country. the president pitched his plans to expand preschool access and raise the minimum wage. today a family with two kids that works hard and relies on a minimum-wage salary still lives below the poverty level that's wrong and we should fix it we should reward an honest day's work with honest wages and that's why we should raise the minimum wage to $9 an hour.
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>> charges in the pendleton case came down chicago brought up week sentencing as a reason that so many new criminals commit crime. we spoke to anita alvarez about mandatory minimums. a lot of people talking about new york and making that comparison chicago was not the only city dealing with an increase in murder. it's up by 12 percent say was also dealing with something similar is the fact that we went over the 500 number that got us national attention in new york the number was a little over 400 murders. chicagos beautiful skyline to a stunning views but staring down completely different pictures. while chicago is battling the title as the nation's murder capital new york three times our
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size celebrates its lowest murder rate in half a century. their laws are stronger when it comes to guns. anita alvarez points to stiffer sentences for gun crimes as one key difference between the two cities the minimum sentence here is one year which means we have seen cases where sometimes the have only served 61 days n.y., the minimum three and a half years. if mandatory minimums existed in the state of illinois michael ward would not have been on the street to commit this heinous act. that is gary mccarthy talking about one of the suspects in the pendleton case he is on probation for a gun crime when he killed the 15 year-old so alvarez agreed that the case for stricter penalties is stacking up. the people who are out there either legally having guns and creating all of this violence are the criminals they are the gangbangers so if we cannot keep them off of the
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streets of wonder i think we will see a decrease. at the university of chicago crime lab they crunched the numbers. in many ways chicago is not new york so you cannot just copy what other people are doing. but you can study it and he says that raising the minimum can help. it sometimes but not always true thati think that we need to have a change in the mine said in the and it's up to judges to impose those tougher penalties of course there are concerns about what longer sentences may do to the state's prison system when there is already no money. i don't think we will be overtaxed or the prison system would be
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overburdened by this. it's a plan right now that would require springfield to vote on raising the minimum in the meantime alvarez and prosecutors automatically asking for the maximum sentence in all cases regardless of how they think a judge may react to how springfield will pick this up in the spring session. a pediatrician with a history of sexual assault complaint charged with robbing five women during a visit he faces 10 felony counts of criminal sexual abuse. the alleged difference between 22-30 years old he is free on $100,000 bond. a giant meteorite explodes
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over russia at injuring more than 1000 people tonight experts talk about the likelihood of something like that happening in chicago. more horror stories from the passengers above the crippled carnival ship.
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that was the sonic boom occurred in russia today after the media ormeteor came crashing down to earth. the media right explosion over central russia causing a massive shock wave smashing windows and damaging buildings and injuring more than 1000 people. it was moving at a speed of 19 mi. per second media rightssecond meteroitesorites this
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big usually crashed into the desert or hit the ocean and it's extremely rare for there to the injuries. they're anxiously awaiting samples. this is our meteorite collection. hundreds of valuable samples are stored here. he says he hopes the scientists will send samples to the field museum as soon as possible. they have specialized equipment, we have specialized equipment here so usually a delarge collaboration to find
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out what these things are and what they are made out of. astronomers say that it's not very likely that they will hit chicago at least not anytime soon. this might be the biggest impact on earth since 1908 coincidently that also came over russia. in small meteorite slammed into the roof of a home also today the massive asteroid called 2012 da14 passed by about 70 mi. from earth it has no relation to the meteorite that russia. there was no connection, it came from a completely different path than the orbit
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completely unconnected. back home with quite a story to tell, and evanston woman on the disastrous carnival cruise ship will talk about her ordeal. [ laughter ] oh, cloudy glasses. you didn't have to come over! easy. hi. cascade kitchen counselor. look. over time cascade complete pacs fight film buildup 2 times better than finish quantum to help leave glasses sparkling. cascade. the clear choice.
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[ male announcer ] when you wear dentures you may not know that your mouth is under attack, from food particles and bacteria. try fixodent. it helps create a food seal defense for a clean mouth and kills bacteria for fresh breath. ♪ ♪ fixodent, and forget it. five days on a cruise ship covered in raw sewage in the gulf of mexico. one of those passengers who braved the trip. nothing but
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hugs and kisses at o'hare airport this morning reunited with her husband the nightmare finally over. there was nothing complete silence. what if we never go home? that to me was the scariest part. if fire in the engine room knocked out power to most of the carnival triumph the massive ship left drifting in the gulf of mexico. thousands of passengers rejoicing to make it back on dry land. conditions were deplorable issues destroyed and
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her clothes filthy a crew that was on the ship higher up it is pretty ridiculous. a texas woman filed the first lawsuit against carnival cruise line: the triumph a floating toilets. the ship has had trouble before her trip on triumph earlier this month was delayed because of mechanical issues. sandy pretty much traveled all night long to get back to chicago only to hit the road again for work. she and her husband still planning to take a cruise this summer but not on carnival cruise lines. this time she says she will pack a flashlight. this after a
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manhunt in the shootout and the eventual fire. what you don't know may actually hurt you new research that suggests knowing how many calories you are consuming may make you more likely to cut back. experts
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advise seeing a doctor when the problem persists but you shouldyour eyes are as big as your stomach a new study says that showing diners how many calories are in a restaurant food items may influence how much they eat some readers were given menus with high calorie information others were given standard the results show that the diners that were given a menu that showed the calorie count eight healthier. we could see the
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>> this is called a light to pillar. keller. pillar. either way things to our photographers into things to mother nature for a sunny day in chicago .... we
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made it into the '30's today. look at this snow on the ground in wisconsin. 33 at o'hare today. a drop of six degrees from yesterday. there is a lot of blue on this. arctic air is on the move in fact they have frost and freeze warnings tomorrow night into florida we
9:31 pm
will start warming up a little bit on sunday but it's going to be called tomorrow. the next storm rise and that cold weather environment. three at woodstock, 14 at o'hare and 17 in this city right now. they do point of 10 degrees it tonight in chicago. you can see high temperatures today held in the upper 20s it has not been
9:32 pm
that call for a while. our model forecast keeps it snowing in the seoul snowbelt. you can see the clouds are erupting right there there is the rain comes into our area on monday. it could change briefly to snow. 30 mi. per hour
9:33 pm
gusts 1:00 p.m. sunday. the one we're watching for late next week is coming here. this thing went off of the japanese coast a couple of days ago. this seems to be pretty accurate we will
9:34 pm
show you one models take on snow accumulations for that system on friday cautioning and stressing the fact that at this distance it's interesting to see what the models are telling us. 14 tomorrow night's sunshine followed by increasing clouds in the little warmer in the afternoon. you know things are changing. still ahead and wine
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jamie mcmurray: the odds of becoming a successful nascar driver? 1 in 125 billion. the odds of a child being diagnosed with autism? 1 in 88. i'm jamie mcmurray. learn more at how do you get your bounce? i use bounce outdoor fresh sheets because they're just that much fresher and they help keep static off in the cold so my clothes will never embarrass me. mommy, i dressed the snowman! how do you get your bounce? less static year-round.things like a black
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cherries... tasting a new one is like a five year-old getting his first sugar rush. that thing that made you hyperventilating over the first time you had cotton candy he finds himself in a very small school of african-american owners in the food and wine industry. so for some it's a little surprising to learn that he is the co-founder, cole owner and one director of chicago 36. they are surprised but that's their problem, not mine. his colorful character is his signature and yet the profound and extensive knowledge of wine. being able to educate people sometimes without
9:39 pm
them even knowing it and i just poured an italian wine he says that his flair comes from his mom and dad. i never had a life where i felt like i had restrictions on me. it was also his parents that taught him to appreciate the finer things in life. it was the way that he would shop for weekly groceries. this place for brad, this place for me, this place for fish and i was fascinated by everything that my dad did. we just ate the sweet rolls. he lost his mom to breast cancer almost 30 years ago he found one in the napa
9:40 pm
valley that he thought would be perfect on archer her it was also a way for him to give back. my mom is gone but she is a woman to celebrate last year he initiated real men drink pink to help fund a national organization for the early detection of breast and ovarian cancers. >> when you talk about villageit takes a village to raise a child, that was my block. he demands everything, he demands
9:41 pm
your full attention that you educate yourself he demands that you investigate other ways that things can be done. his admiration goes beyond that of a colleague he has become a mentor to her daughter olivia was about to go down the wrong path. now an employee olivia says that duncan has inspired her to believe in herself and realize that she too can succeed. there's a lot going on in the world being civil to one another is one of the most important things that we can possibly do. ryan duncan is one of chicago's very own. he also serves on the board of trustees and elementary school on the city's near west side for children with autism and developmental disabilities.
9:42 pm
ryan will be featured along with another one of chicago's very own african-american entrepreneur is. still ahead facebook kit with what is called a sophisticated attack hackers take aim at the social networking site the black hawks get feisty on the west side. later in sports. introducing new febreze stick & refresh with command strips from 3m. stick it to eliminate odors anywhere. like this trashcan. in like a flower
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facebook hit by hackers a sophisticated attack some facebook employees visited a website in january that infected their computers with malware they remedied the infected machines and they informed the authorities no user information was compromised during the attack. lots of stuff going on we have all kinds of tidbits to tell you about a cold day tomorrow, moderately warmer on sunday and may be rainy on
9:46 pm
monday. we are in the chilly air this will reach all the way down to florida were freezing temperatures make it their way into tampa or orlando. here is this the next storm system i have to show you one more models take on this. this is what the accumulation forecast looks like through tuesday's system again we are close to that darker area which is rather substantial these are some actual numbers
9:47 pm
this would be through the first system next week this is the european estimate on how much snow may come out of that lake system these are way ahead of time it would be the heaviest snow we have had so far this season. the point is that those have happened. here is the forecast 24-31 on sunday and 42 monday. the winter storm could
9:48 pm
be in late thursday or friday. lots to study with that week. happy friday. have a good weekend. celebrating a big birthday, michael jordan turns 50 sunday. moving into a new construction in florida from what i understand. the all-star weekend begins the gremlins continue...
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on the sharks they are still on beaten he looks the wrong way on this one-nothing hawks. right back on front andrew shaw the hawks are now 4-1. c'mon dad aren't fazed
9:53 pm
stop he plows in here for the layup. the cubs are hoping for a five star from their off-season
9:54 pm
acquisition. edwin jackson dan roan has the story in may set arizona. >> he not only has to get into pitching shape this sprang he has to fit into well whole new set of teammates but that's nothing new for him they are his eighth team in 11 big league seasons, he is baseball's traveling man. the cubs like him well enough to put down 52 million over four years to get him, he will be in the top three of the rotation bragging durability and exactly the type of experience the cubs are searching for. if jackson can
9:55 pm
eat up his normal 200 innings and threw the ball over the plate the cubs will consider that money well spent. the white sox were glad to see a healthy brent morels report to camp. report to camp. the cock thesox happy just to... just watching him physically go out there and do things so i am happy for him to do things without those mental things in his mind, it's good to see him go out there and not your seeing that ability. you have manager
9:56 pm
ventura on sunday nights? >> we will have one more good year they have a good offensive cena. team. a great lineup. james wearing sunglasses indoors... protecting his size. have a good weekend everybody.eyes. these are
9:57 pm
real questions i'm just bringing them to the floor. have a good weekend. carv [ laughter ] oh, cloudy glasses.
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